What is DirectMidi? 
The DirectMidi library is a set of C++ classes based on DirectX and aiming at improving software development under MIDI and audio technology. The software layer is designed with the finest object orientation to facilitate application construction and architecture integration. Its error prevention and the ease of use make DirectMidi the ideal tool for developers who are looking for a stable, safe and state-of-the-art MIDI and audio library. 
DirectMidi is still under development and the current version is 2.3 which is still a beta release. It is also a freeware library from the 2.1 which was released under GNU (General Public License) terms. This library is also published in an article titled "Developing MIDI applications with DirectMusic" and "Audio playback processing with DirectMusic" in
The CodeProject web site where you can also find resources and information about the world of windows programming. 
In this home page you will be able to obtain ample documentation and resources about how to use the library efficiently.
I hope you find this page an interesting place to share and discover new things about the world of music and MIDI. If you like spending many hours in writing code, losing the sense of time and want to contribute, just see the conctact section.


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