Evocom Video-Mail 0.8b

Application overview

Evocom Video-Mail is a new video-recording system developed by Evocom Sistemas - an emerging company dedicated to the manufacturing of Internet Public Access Points - which dedicated all the efforts to the develop Internet and multimedia applications. The video-mail allows you to send video clips and images through the Internet using several types of compression formats.

The application is based on DirectX 8 with DirectShow and programmed with Microsoft Visual Studio. 

These are the features:

1.- Video compression with any codec installed in the system. You can use any existing compression format such as DivX MPEG-4, Indeo Video and all the installed video filters.

2.-  JPEG 24 bit format image compression with the photography option in order to obtain the maximum quality and size saving for an easy transfer on the Internet.

3.- Audio compression using any sound codec installed in the system. You can use the GSM 6.10 compression codec (the same used in mobile communications) MP3 compression, PCM 44.1Khz and all the installed audio compressors.

4.- Photos and video can be sent via e-mail using a built-in SMTP client. You can send media files with a personal message and even only the message.

5.- Easy and friendly GUI. 

The current version is the 0.8b and, excepting a few minor changes and updates, the application is almost finished. If you are interested in it or just want information about the future release, you can contact me in the contact section of this web site.

Application snapshot