MIDI related

MMA web site - The MIDI Manufacturers Association home page
Harmony Central - MIDI tech information
Linux Midi + Sound Pages - MIDI tech information for Linux OS
Mac Midi User's Internet Guide - MIDI for MAC users
MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center - Important site for all MIDI technology
The MIDI farm internet - Music MIDI files home site
Synthzone - Music Tech magazine

DirectMusic related

First steps in DirectMusic programming - MSDN Directmusic programming guide
The corner of developer of games - DirectMusic Tutorial
DirectMusic for the Masses - An introduction to the DirectMusic technological concepts

General programming related

Microsoft MSDN library - Developer network for developers
Programmers' Heaven - A lot of programming resources

Win32 Tutorial - A complete Win32 programming tutorial
The tutorial - On-line C++ programming tutorial
C/C++ users journal - C and C++ programming on-line magazine

Curso C++ - A complete on-line C++ course in spanish
Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage - The homepage of the C++ language inventor
The CodeProject - Home page of free code and tutorials
OpenGL - The Industry's Foundation for High Performance Graphics

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My friend Jacobo's OpenGL project
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