MidiStation - Virtual music keyboard (MIDI VST)

The MidiStation project is an open source application destined to testing the features of the DirectMidi library.
It currently supports the activation of all input and output system MIDI ports, from the MIDI Mapper to the software synthesizers. You can see a view of the program in the image below:

Once you open the application you can play with all the existing list of GM (General Midi) instruments stored in the memory of the synthesizer. With the built-in keyboard control you can easily play the music using the mouse button or the PC keyboard. You can record your compositions in memory and play them back later with the playback function. You can also use an external MIDI keyboard to test and record your compositions viewing the highlighted key pressed. The incoming external MIDI messages are thrued to the selected output port, allowing listening the note event as soon as it is processed by the system synthesizer. You can monitor your MIDI message information and note events on the detailed message list control.

The project is currently being developed with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 using MFC. It has undergone many modifications since the the first version, new enhacements have been added and a better OOP has been applied to this project during this time. In the future is intended to improve the user interface, using the new built-in keyboard control and adding new features.

WinXP - 32bits, Vista - 32bits and Windows 7 -32 bits

Download it here (Updated 30th - november - 2010)


These are the lastest MidiStation features since 25/07/'02 (first version):

MidiStation 1.9.2 features:

MidiStation 1.9.0 features:

MidiStation 1.8.4 features:

MidiStation 1.4.4 features: