DirectMidi is an open source library which is available to everyone who wants to make modifications in the code.
The modifications and improvements must make use of DirectX/DirectMusic API if they are destined to enhance the main core of MIDI functions.
DirectMidi is hosted by the SourceForge.NET site where you can also find all the latest release files in order to start coding your application. I expect to use the CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) of SourceForge as soon as the number of programmers increases. Developers who are interested in cooperating in the project must see the contact section or make a request under the DirectMidi project at the contributions section.
Contributors should have a good knowledge of ANSI C++, Win32 API and COM technologies but also a great sense of responsibility in order to do what was agreed. The Developer will be registered in the site and will belong to the project staff

Open projects

You can help to the DirectMidi user community by contributing with any original idea that can innovate the set of the library features. If you have some idea about MIDI, DirectMusic and Music that you think is important and want to contribute just tell me  about your idea and I will try to add it to the list of current projects.  

Current available projects:

Project Description Assigned to Status
MidiStation DirectMidi MIDI part application test Carlos Jiménez de Parga 
RC/Release 1.9.2
Virtual Island DirectMidi AUDIO part application test Carlos Jiménez de Parga  RC/Release 1.5.0
Volunteer for improving SysEx dump reception in the WaitForEvent method of the CInputPort module. Improving the algorithm to detect incoming System Exclusive data with the best accuracy. - Not initiated
C# port C# version based on the DirectMidi wrapper library Jason Hendrickson RC/Release 0.9.1
DLL Dynamic link library based on the DirectMidi wrapper Jason Hendrickson RC/Release 0.9.1
MidiSation sampler Adding sampler support with visual parameters adjust using graphics and wave loading. - Not initiated

MidiStation songs

This section presents a list of sequences for the MidiStation application available for downloading from this page.
The .MDS songs are made of one track and one instrument. Although they don't have as many instruments and tracks as the General MIDI files (.MID), the file structure is much easier to maintain and read than the .MID, even the recorded sound is more personal and live.

You can contribute and show other people your songs, just send me the .MDS file and I will attach it to the list.

Song Title Synthesizer/Module mp3 Author

Thru connection generated songs:

Song Title Style Author
forelise.mds For Elise Classic Ludwig van Beethoven
bach.mds Jesus Joy Of Man's Desiring Classic Johann Sebastian Bach
turkeys.mds Turkey March Classic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
entertainer.mds The Entertainer Classic Scott Joplin
angelic.mds Angelic organ New age Anonymous
moonlight.mds Moonlight Sonata Classic Ludwig van Beethoven
forever.mds Forever Love Pop Gary Barlow