Virtual Island

This demo application is inspired in a distant lost island in the Pacific Ocean. When you get into it you can hear all the sounds that surround you like waves, seagull squawks and wind. You can also move around the scenary with a free first person camera that allows you to fly over the island. It also includes special features in the window menu that allows you to select which objects you want to render, activate or deactivate sound and music, apply wireframe rendering model and turn it to a full screen mode.   
All the external resource files such as bitmaps, raws and audio files are inside the executable exe file using resource functions, thus allowing a stand-alone and easy to handle file. 
This application uses OpenGL for the 3D API and graphics performance. It's completely programmed under Visual C++ trying to fit to the best object oriented programming. It also uses DirectX through the DirectMIDI class library which performs all the audio functions and sound effects involved in the application. You can see some snapshots of the island in the images below:

The raft of the shipwrecked

Island overview from the top

Distant seagulls flying into the deep blue sky


Virtual Island - Executable demo (stand-alone exe) 1.37MB   MP3 CODEC or advanced Media Player installed REQUIRED Updated 09/05/2007

Virtual Island - Project source files (Visual C++ 6 and  7) 1.30MB 
Updated 09/05/2007