WinCLK 1.0

This application is a simple digital/analog clock programmed in Pascal whose graphics interface is based on the Windows GUI. The program was originally created for DOS operating systems but this platform was not good enough to get full performance since the system did not have graphics nor multitasking support. Three years later, with the improvement of Windows platforms and the appearing of new visual langauges of fourth generation, I could create the win32 version of the program.

The application basically gets the current local system time and plots the value in hours, minutes and seconds in a graphical representation of it, known as hands clock or analog. To perform this I only had to match each polar coordinate of time in radian degrees to the suitable cartesian one.  It also displays the time in digital format and has the posibility to set the size of the clock in two different sizes: small and big.
Unfortunately I lost the source code of this old piece of programming. Therefore, it just currently implements the spanish version in the menu commands, but fortunately the time doesn't underestand of languages, does it? ;)

The application works in any kind of windows versions from the 3.1 to the recent XP.
Next, you can see an image of it.

Download WinCLK 1.0 (101 Kb)